Strengthening Favorable Protection Environment and providing reintegration support for vulnerable returnees in the Northern Province and Trincomalee.

District Jaffna, Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Trincomalee
Divisional Secretary Division All DS Divisions based on the Indian Returnees
Grama Niladari Division Scattered in all DS division based on the Indian Refugee  Returnees
Project Period: 01 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2020


The project seeks to strengthen the protection environment for refugee returnees and other people of concern to UNHCR operation in the North and the East  by improving access to registration,  civil registrations, personal identification and property documentation and to basic facilities and assistance for their successful reintegration through building  capacities of relevant government departments and authorities (PLC, Land branches, Civil documentation offices & SSO Departments) and providing material assistance to extremely vulnerable returnees.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the protection environment for Voluntary Return with the objectives of

  • reintegration made more sustainable
  • Risk of SGBV is reduced and quality of response improved* Children with Special Needs are included in model regular classes, for promoting inclusive education to other schools
Capacity building projects of Govt. Departments and Authorities-.

The following supports were given to the Government departments and NGO council to facilitate them to provide better services to the society

No District Government Department / Authorities Type of assistance
01 Jaffna Career guidance unit of university of Jaffna Working space improvement – office furniture and training IT equipment
Land Reform Commission – Northern at District Secretariat Office Furniture
ADR Branch- karaveddy DS office Office furniture and counter system improvement
NGOs Council- Jaffna District Office furniture and Equipment
ADR Branch –Jaffna DS office Office equipment and book bindings
PLC- Northern province Office IT equipment’s
02 Mannar Land branch – Mannar Town Completion works of new Office building
Renovation of physiotherapy unit – General Hospital Mannar District Renovation of Physiotherapy unit
ADR Branch – Mannar Town One Computer i3 7th Generation
03 Mullaitivu District SSO Department- Maruthiyanpattu Supported with 02 filing cabinets
Land Branch – Oddusuddan DS office Supported with one Photo copier and printer
ADR branch – Thunukkai Files
Land and ADR branches of Manthai East DS Division Counter system improvement, filling system improvement, IT equipment and materials
04 Kilinochchi Land and ADR branches – Kandawalai Filing system improvement (Filing tracks) work
05 Vavuniya Land branch- Vavuniya DS office Filing system improvement, File folders
Land branch – Chettikulam DS office Work space improvement, glass board for Divisional map
District Survey Office Photocopier
06 Batticaloa Land Reform Commission Office IT equipment

Material Support for extremely vulnerable families

  • 100 extremely vulnerable families of Indian returnees have been selected for assistance in year 2020 and they were supported with materials based on their needs such as fishing nets, poultry rearing, goat rearing, cattle rearing, etc

SGBV Prevention and Response

Assisting extremely vulnerable female headed Indian returnee families through development of sustainable livelihood that must be protective & mitigate risk of SGBV-

  • 39 families have been selected for livelihood assistance based on the potential of SGBV risk and capacity to implement the LH activities.
  • Training on business plan development for 10 beneficiaries completed
  • 30 of beneficiaries has been supported to initiate or strengthening their livelihood activities; Cattle rearing, Goat rearing, poultry rearing, Tailoring, Catering, Beauty culture.

100 EVI families and 30 SGBV Risk families have been assisted with livelihood Assistance.

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