Stronger CSOs in the Northern Province for improved livelihoods of Vulnerable person

District Kilinochchi & Mannar
Divisional Secretary Division All DS Divisions
Grama Niladari Divisions Scattered
Project Period: 01 Jan 2018 to 31 Aug 2021


The project aims to increase capacity of CSOs and livelihoods services to better include and promote the interests of diverse vulnerable people. It reduces barriers faced by women and persons with disabilities in accessing services, including social and physical constraints. Gender equality and inclusion has been mainstreamed in all other project activities and management processes and also support increased socio-economic participation of women and disabled people. In addition, it aims to target 15% of women and men with disabilities, which is approximately the average for the four districts among the general population. Advocacy is been mainstreamed in the project as a means of ensuring resources for replication of service improvements as well as for addressing larger issues in service provision (e.g. financial barriers) and market access/linkages which the project scope cannot address (e.g. restrictive regulations).

  • Improved CSO databases and survey members’ needs by upgrading new members
  • Facilitated CSO members’ access to services and monitor use and results.
  • In the join inclusion projects:
    • Standard loan application forms, loan agreement forms, loan pass books have been distributed to WRDSs involved in micro finance activities Karachchi and Poonagary DS Division in Kilinochchi District and Manthai west and Madhu DS divisions in Mannar District.
    • RDO and ADS participated in the programmes and given necessary instructions to WRDS on standard loan application procedure.
    • Contact directories printed
    • Placing of citizen charter was completed in Kilinochchi and Mannar
  • Design and implement advocacy actions to address identified gaps in government service provision.
    • Based on the IDPD celebration, the advocacy note called “Request of Economical Rights of the People with Disabilities” to lead the sustainable livelihood for women with disability was handed-over to District Secretariat, Department of Animal production and Health, Department of Agriculture by Kilinochchi WOWD.
  • Response to Covid 19 pandemic (Cash Distribution)
    • Rapid Assessments on impact of Covid 19 pandemic have been done in all 8 target DS Divisions and  500 families received cash assistance of Rs.6000 / family in 2 DS Divisions of each Mannar (Madhu & Manthai West) and Kilinochchi District(.Karachchi & Poonakary)

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