Education to All Children

Supporting Children with Special Needs through Inclusive Education in the Northern & Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

District Jaffna
Divisional Secretary Division 15 DS divisions
Grama Niladari Division Scattered
Project Period: 15 Aug 2017 to 31 Sep 2020
The project aims to drive the inclusive development of all children, and especially those who need special protection and support concerning their education, forward with the collaboration of all the state and non-state stakeholders. It thus supports the implementation of the government plans and strategies. By means of the coordination meetings the creation of a parallel structure will be prevented and the government system and their stakeholders will be reinforced on all levels. The Goal of the project is promoting and strengthening inclusive education for children with special needs in Northern & Eastern Province of Sri Lanka with the objectives In 2020
  • A policy study was done to identify the current status, gaps and challenges in the implementation of an inclusive education policy within the three districts are identified for the diffusion and further use. The gaps and needs are will be shared to all state and non-state actors next year.
  • 3 days TOT trainings for ADE and ISA (Special Education) on inclusive Education was organized to conduct training programs for teachers and 45 school principals were trained on inclusive education management and identification of children with special needs.
  • Workshop on inclusive education to teachers was organized to refine their knowledge of creative, inclusive teaching methods and of healing process concerning trauma.
  • 9 Special educational learning units supported by JSAC and regular monitoring ongoing in Mylani Saiva Maha Vidyalayam, St.James Maha Vidyalayam, Karanavai Ponnampalam Vidyasalai, Punnalaikadduvan Sithivinayagar Vidyalayam , Neerveli Athiyar Hindu College, Columbothurai Hindu Maha Vidyalayam , Holy Family Convent, Velanai Saraswathi Vidyalayam and Pandatharippu Hindu College Children with the need for.
  • Children with Special Needs are included in model regular classes, for promoting inclusive education to other schools
  • 6 awareness programs and meetings were organized to school students, teachers and community were organized concerning the rights of persons with Special Needs, inclusion, prevention, child-education, child rights and child protection is improved within the communities and the students
  • Teachers of mainstream elementary and secondary schools refine their knowledge of creative, inclusive teaching methods and of healing processes concerning trauma
  • 1 spectacle was handed over to a child in SEU at Holy family Convent.

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