Studying for Success – CARE International

Twenty two year old Thayalan Kanishta lives in Selvapuram, Mullaithivu. Her father died from an illness in 1992, her mother looks after the home, and her older brother brings in a small income through carpentry; it is not enough. The family was displaced for a year at the end of the war, and is struggling to recover from the disruption.

Kanishta completed an Arts ’A’ Level in Arts in 2013 with 3 credit passes, and was working as a volunteer when she heard about CARE International’s Travel and Tourism programme.

The programme has helped Kanishta to improve her English skills, and has built up her confidence. Before she joined the programme, Kanishta was very dependent on others, scared to venture out without an escort and too shy to speak to people. Now, a few months into the programme she says she’s a different person, a far more courageous and confident one. She’s not afraid to go anywhere on her own and has become much more independent.

CARE International has given Kanishta the hope that she can start her own business and become a successful entrepreneur, earning enough to financially support her family, and take care of them.

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